Aromatherapy for Wellness


Hi, my name's Charlie and I'm a Complementary Therapist.

Charlie from Q Wellness

In late 2019 I was managing my business, Q Wellness, part-time and working as a therapist for Wessex Cancer Trust.  I had been doing this for 3 years and I had build up my own client base, and working for a charity close to my heart - my life couldn't have been better!

Then I was told my local support centre was being closed and we where all being made redundant, and that my last working week would be the week before Christmas. We were all very devastated that we were losing our little family.

Being a Complementary Therapist I've learnt many techniques to help me during this challenging time. One of those was aromatherapy.
I've used aromatherapy daily for many years with to help uplift my mood, calm my anxiety, help me focus.

My favourite oils are;

  • lavender for relaxation
  • lemon for focus
  • ylang-ylang for anxiety
  • grapefruit to uplift my mood

When the dust settled I made lots of pros and cons list and talked over my options with my friends and family. I made the decision to focus all my time and energy on building my business! I wouldn't change it for the world.

If you would like to try aromatherapy why not try Stress Relief Essential Oil Roll On (10ml)

This Aromatherapy infused roll on will soothe the mind body and spirit and is handy to have with help in your time of need whether your anxious, stressed or need help sleeping. Roll on to your wrists then take 3 deep breaths in and out.

Buy yours for £7.50 with proceeds going to Redundancy Support UK to help more people get the information and support they need.

Contact Charlie from Q Wellness on 07585703441 quoting 'RSUK roll on'