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Welcome to Redundancy Support UK, a community run project aiming to provide essential information and emotional support to individuals going through redundancy.

Many people are being made redundant following the Covid19 pandemic. If you or someone you know is being made redundant but don't feel their employer has followed the proper process, are feeling lost or depressed, worried about the future, facing financial trouble... this support service is here to help!

This is a free signposting, information and advice service with connection to experts in a wide range of areas to help you through the process. A number of experts are available to you should require further support - please get in touch to discuss your situation in a confidential and safe space.
A note from Emily (Founder);
'With my background in HR and recruitment, mentoring around CVs, careers and interviews, I wanted to use my skills and connections to provide support for anyone facing redundancy. I have had my own battles with mental health and know how crippling this can be, especially in times of uncertainty.
I’ve been there and done it - redundancy sucks! But it’s not the end and I want to be able to help you see that too!
Please note although trained in HR I am not a qualified solicitor/lawyer so advice is given in good faith. Please consult an expert (via the links provided) if you’re really stuck with the legal bits!'

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