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All these resources have been carefully selected to bring you the information you need to get through the redundancy process and move on to the next stage of your journey. Please note there will be charges for some services -  be sure to mention you found their details on this page and they might offer a discount!
We do not endorse any particular service nor do we receive any referral fees or commission for linking you to these sites.

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Citizens' Advice

For employers

The Joy Dept - employee resilience and wellbeing data and outplacement support

Employment Law

Money Advice Service - not just money saving but some good legal information too
Maternity Action - support for everything expecting parents need
Employee Angels - advice and letter templates for employees around HR processes
Glanvilles Solicitors - Employment law and settlement agreements
DC Employment Solicitors - Employment law and settlement agreements
Employment Matters -  Employment law and settlement agreements

Resolving Conflict

Find a Mediator - for dispute resolution local to you
Mosaic Mediation - offering workplace conflict resolution via mediation
Bascule Disability Training - offering advice re Equality Act and workplace training
Inside Story UK - coaching employers about compassion in communication
Letter Templates (appeal or grievance)

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Time To Change - Mental health campaigning, advocacy, resources and employer training, guidance on how to support others with mental ill health

Heads Together - mental health support and campaigning - mental health charity
Wish Cards & Gifts - card resources for mindfulness, anxiety and overall wellbeing
Everybody's A Somebody - mental health coach

Everyday Hypnotherapy - mindset training, helping with anxiety and PTSD

Living Your Learning - mindset training and personal development

Marian's Holistic Therapies - sleep and reflexology for wellbeing

Darwin Training Solutions - mental health first aid and training (violence, PTSD, anxiety, depression)

Enrichment Coaching - mindset and confidence coaching
MyScenario - coaching for mindset to find the 'State of Happish'
Returning to work - blog for women or those returning to work after a career break/maternity/ paternity
Sirenity - sound bath and healing
We are with you - substance misuse support
Turning Point - substance misuse support
D'amore Mental Health - depression factors in a pandemic (from our American friends)

Funding, grants and benefits - Save money & Planning for the Future

Step Change - debt help

Good Housekeeping
HJS Recovery
Hampshire Financial Planning
The Joy Barden Practice
The Penny Pincher
Gamcare - gambling support

Trade Unions

Most Unions require you to be a member for at least a month before an issue arises. Here is the official list from the government.


TUC - Trades Union Congress - lots of free information and support for anyone affected by Covid-19

If not a member of a trade union you can hire a mediator; some are helping free of charge as they are backed by the local authority, or costs are paid by your employer.

Career and Skills

VIDEOS - Jobseeker support, Labour market info, Future-proofing your career

FurLearn - supporting furloughed workers and job seekers

Scope - Young people or up to 25 with additional needs
Momentum Group - free training Greater Manchester, Lancashire, South Yorkshire, Derbyshire Dales and Birmingham
CSW Group - free training Hampshire, Solent and Dorset
DA Training - free training Hampshire, Solent and Dorset
Learning Curve Group - free training
Flipside CIC - financial literacy and money management - Manchester area
Traineeships; (16-18 unless SEND)

CV support

My Perfect CV

Express CV
Reed CV Tips
Pay for Precision (proofreading and professional re-write)
Cover letters

Jobs Boards


Guardian Jobs


You can read more about these here

Exploring self-employment

Princes' Trust 18-30 yrs

StartUp Disruptors
Start Your Own Business
Diverso Accountants

Pensions and later life

Pension Wise

U3A - University of the Third Age - The 'third age' is defined by a time in your life (not necessarily chronological) where you have the opportunity to undertake learning for its own sake. There is no minimum age, but a focus on people who are no longer in full-time employment or raising a family.