What is Mediation?


A situation where ‘redundancy’ becomes a discussion point for an organisation is stressful – for the decision-makers and those impacted by the decision.

This situation becomes even more challenging when difficult – but essential – conversations don’t go well. When employees are left confused or feeling that their opinions and interests are not being considered. Or, when managers are worried about how to approach such a sensitive topic with care and clarity.

This is where mediation can come into its own! Mediation can be used:

  1. In the beginning discussion/consultation stages – to consider all the various options (including redundancy and as an alternative to it) and discuss the best solutions with employees.
  2. At the point of a redundancy decision – to ensure the conversation is supportive, clear and deals with any unresolved issues.
  3. After a redundancy situation – to tackle the impact of the changes on team morale, or to figure out how to effectively manage a new company structure or individual responsibility changes.

The mediation process is:

  • Voluntary
  • Confidential
  • Flexible
  • Without prejudice (so nothing said can be used as evidence)
  • Does not affect any individual’s legal or employment rights
  • Cheaper and quicker than most legal proceedings

The mediator is: always neutral and does not give legal advice. They will ensure that the conversation is handled fairly and effectively, and helps the individuals find options for moving forward that everyone agrees to.

Fees for a workplace mediation are 100% covered by the organisation and most mediators also offer ‘online mediations’. You can find a mediator by going to https://www.findamediator.org/ and search for the mediator that suits your current needs – whether that is family, workplace, commercial, civil or community mediation.

If you would like to know more about the mediation process, go to https://www.mosaicmediation.co.uk/practiceareas/ or the FindaMediator.org website (see the link above).

Emma Jenkings is a qualified Workplace & Employment Mediator, with her business Mosaic Mediation. After studying her law degree, Emma worked at the Employment Tribunal as a CSO, tribunal clerk and caseworker. She set up Mosaic Mediation in 2016 and is also a member of the Mediator Network. Alongside offering workplace and employment mediations, Emma offers training on conflict and communication, and offers 1:1 conflict resolution coaching and DISC behavioural assessments.