State of Happish


It’s a little visited gem of a place based between “I’d rather be a green-eyed monster” and “let’s not and just say we did”.

Happish is a state of mind.

It’s the point at which you realise that you have done everything you can to be the best at what you do and accept that that is actually sufficient.

The day you wake up and are content with what lies ahead and you rest your head in the knowledge that you have done your bit and don’t dread the alarm tone ringing in your ear only a few hours later.

I had been living in the wrong state of mind for years, always jealous of 'that lot', resenting 'those over there' and wondering why I wasn’t driving that bloke’s car. Nothing wrong with aspiring to further yourself but not at the expense of contentment.

Eventually I realised that the more I resented others the worse I became at living or enjoying my life. Ask me how I feel, and I’d say well, let me tell you how bad my life is.


Then I met Mustn’t Grumble - What an inspiration, always ready to smile and make others do the same!

Never talking about negatives or how hard it was Mustn’t Grumble became my inspiration and he introduced me to the State of Happish.

I have now visited the State and live there most of the year. Occasionally I go back to Pity Island to see the old folk, but I soon get bored of the continued moaning and groaning so I head back to Happish sharpish.


I now coach others in the art of mustn’t grumble and provide guided tours to Happish. Many of the people I have helped emigrated to Happish and enjoy the best of whatever they have, every day!


If you would like to visit Happish With me and my followers, don’t look for us on Google Maps, we like to stay off the beaten track, you may have to search a little harder but when you get here you’ll know you have arrived.



The Key Principles

Happish was born out of the reality that we cannot naturally be happy all the time and although it takes us so much effort to surround ourselves with joy, we can lose our feeling of wellness and calm in less than a nano second.

Understanding where you are in your life right now!

How to deal with what is in your life right now, good, and bad

How to achieve a “state of mind” called HAPPISH


Happish coaching is a division of Scenario Training.

For details of how we can help you, just email, visit or call 07967 605 995.