Do's and Dont's


It is really important to look after yourself during redundancy.

One of our experts, Andrew MacAskill from Executive Career Jump has created a few essential things to remember;


Get clarity on how you feel
Give yourself some time before starting to interview
Write down ideas
Use an employee assistance program (usually still accessible)
Alert people without embarrassment
Update LinkedIn to be open to offers
Beware of addiction tendencies and bad habits
Rehearse your career story
Spend loads of time with family and friends
Use your business skills on your job search
Learn something new


Get angry if others are worried for you
Isolate yourself
Just take 'any' job
Get in panic saving mode and stop spending money altogether
Spray your CV across the market
Obsess about your previous employer on repeat
Expect recruiters to solve it for you
Convince yourself you are of no value

Whilst there are huge external factors to battle at the moment the biggest battle is internal.

In your own mind.

You may well fall into some of the Dont's at various points.

That is perfectly okay and to be expected - don't judge yourself, reset and go again.

All about getting better and not bitter.