Under 2 years


Employees with under two years service

If there is a redundancy programme occurring at your workplace, and you have been employed for less than 2 years, you should be included in the Collective Consultation process, however those with under 2 years service can just be terminated under what is called Short-Term Working, which employers may do at the end of the collective process - as those with 2 years service or less are not entitled to Statutory Redundancy Pay, and do not have the same employment rights in law as a longer term employee, however you should still be given the appropriate notice or paid it in lieu through PILON.

However, if you believe that your termination is as a result of discrimination, or if you are not included in the collective consultation process, there may be  other types of legal redress you can seek.

Lay Off is not usually used in the UK, unless it is written in your contract, so if you are told you are being ‘laid off’ please check your contract or seek advice.

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